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Our New Ambassador meeting young student
The Head Teacher from Kitisi primary sch

Heinrich left, meets students at Kitisi, and the Head Teacher of Kitisi receives new printer.

In April 2019, our new Ambassadors, Heinrich and Lucia visited Kitisi Primary school and Idodi Secondary School. They kindly donated a new printer for Kitisi and school materials.They are hoping to sponsor over 20 students at Idodi Secondary School. Our heartfelt  thanks go to them. Their support is much appreciated.

Some of our benificiaries at Idodi Secon

Lucia and Aidan with some of the candidates receiving  our support at Idodi Secondary School

We are happy to announce that they are also arranging to donate 60 desks to Kitisi Primary school!

If you would like to help us we would appreciate your donation very much.

Please contact us via this website. THANK YOU!


We are hoping to build a small home with a house mother where we can cover 10 children. We already have a 20-acre plot in Kitisi village. We are looking for further funding to implement this project and help more orphans.

Life Near the Ruaha Wilderness 

We are hoping to build the first orphanage house in Kitisi, one of the villages surrounding the Ruaha wilderness.


Through community-based education we merge conservation and livelihood improvement especially for rural communities in the vicinity of Ruaha wilderness. We encourage the use of eco-friendly solar power and water harvesting techniques. 

 In communities surrounding the Ruaha wilderness where we primarily work, underprivileged children are prone to engage in poaching and other destructive activities. This alone violates the natural love between humans and nature.

Environmental Education Programs

The future of our world is in the hands of our children, and educating children live in harmony with nature is the best way to protect our world.

Empowering the local communities to conserve nature and care for the children.

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